What We Do

Simply put, we pay carriers for work performed upon completion of a load, and we collect money from your shipper later. Why? Because Shippers/Brokers’ contracts sometimes allow a window of up to 60 days to pay you for your work, and we know you need that cash flow now.

We deal with the collection process and slow-paying clients; you get your money and keep your business moving.

Factoring Basics

Unlike traditional financing, which concentrates on the assets, net worth and profitability of a business, invoice factoring is based on two criteria: your ability to generate revenue streams and the financial condition of your customers, or in other words, the ability of your customers to pay what they owe you.

Invoice factoring is a quicker, easier way to secure financing for your business than traditional bank-based options.

Our Process


Step one:

Upon completion of a load, send the invoice and supporting documentation to us.


Step two:

Generally, we’ll send you an advance payment the same day we receive your completed paperwork equaling 90 to 95 percent of the amount owed to you.


Step three:

We’ll handle the collection of your invoices, allowing you to focus on generating additional business.


Step four:

When we receive payment from your client, we’ll send the balance of invoice, minus a small fee, to you.


Q: Will my customers think I’m in financial trouble if I use a factoring service?

A: Absolutely not. Factoring is a popular financing option for many businesses. In fact, more than 30 percent of all transportation companies lean on factoring to create consistency in the management of their businesses.

Q: Will my customer take longer to pay?

A: Usually no, it’s just the opposite. Many shippers pay quicker knowing TFS, as a factoring company, is a prime reporter of credit information and an influential credit reference.

Q: How much does factoring cost?

A: Rates are determined by specific circumstances. Factoring rates depend on the credit-worthiness of your customers, your average invoice amount, average payment cycle and factoring volume. But we believe the costs associated with factoring are outweighed by the benefits you receive: you get immediate cash, credit investigation/analysis, collections and reporting.